we are now PechaKucha family

we've signed and faxed our 'shake-hand agreement' with KDa as PechaKucha Night organizer in Bandung.
currently building up list of presenters for our first volume;
to give you brief image of who will be our presenter, here are some sneak preview:
Product designer and architect cum senior member of Bikers Brotherhood in Bandung;
Architects as lecturer; architect who runs a magazine; socialists architects;
Bandung Public Furniture community;
Batik Fraktal;
Bandung Rapper;
Indi Movie Maker;
Graphic designers;

and many more...

it's gonna be a fun night...
rolling presentation of 20slides x 20 seconds...
A 400 seconds of fame!!


Pecha Kucha Night in Bandung!

Pecha Kucha Night was first conceived in 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham Architecture) where upto now, this event is now happening in 129 cities globally.

Bandung has recently join those cities to hold its first Pecha-Kucha Night in August 2008.

Before the 'legal agreement' with KDa, we-Pecha Kucha Night Bandung (PKN.bdg)-would like to keep everyone posted with what's on during our first PKN preparation.

This blog serves as our temporary information board.