How to get there

Labo the M O R I
Bukit Dago II No. 22

to make sure you can find the location:

Ticket Box

get your ticket for only Rp. 20.000,- at:
1. LABO.
2. UrbanE
3. Bang Edi ; Gedung Arsitektur Lt. 1 ITB
4. Common Room

or just be at the venue before presentations start rolling....

make sure you won't miss it!!!

Pecha Kucha Night #2 D-3

Hello there!!!!
haven't heard from us lately?
well as have been announced in many mailing-lists,
we are waiting for you to experience the second Pecha Kucha Night in Bandung.

Here is list of presenter:
1. Deddy Wahjudi (Architect, "Social Space")
2. Ihsan Harja (Architect/Photographer, "Story of Bandung in Watercolor")
3. Ben Wirawan (Mahanagari)
4. Sena (Panzer Designer)
5. Hafiz Aziz Ahmad (Graphic Designer/Lecturer)
6. Gatot (Architect, "A journey of an Architect from 88-08")
7. Bismo Djelantik (BAM, Bike Community/Designer/Lecturer)
8. Zaini Alif (Hong-Komunitas Kaulinan, mainan tradisional )
9. Sybrand Zijlstra (Design Editor)
10. Manuel Heischelo (Architect, designer, artist)
11. Tiarma Sirait (Fashion Designer, Artist)
12. Marina
13. Widiyani (to be confirmed, Architect, Lecturer, Flower artist)
14. Artiandi Akbar (Student, UFP holder)

share experiences, build networks.

be there!!


We are Back!!!

as previously announced....
PKN.bdg will be back in this coming October.
Yet, there is changing of schedule.
We are going to have it on 31st October instead of 10th October...
so mark you calendar...

list of presenter will be posted soon!

see ya!


Pictures (part 01)

eventually...we have to admit it is not easy to find presentable pictures...
some of pictures taken are focusing on the slides without the presenters in it.
some of them are blurred...

that's fine, at least we still have some to show you...
we'll keep you posted with pictures we can find from participants.
sorry about this lack documentation of us...seems we were too focus on preparation which end up forgot about documentation.

but we have video!! you'll see them in short time.
and...without being embarrassed, we would like to call out for those who eventually take pictures of the event, please be kindly to share it with us.

pls contact us:


ibu Marie Pangestu (Indonesia Minister of Trading) in her kebaya...after a long day official tour in Bandung for Helarfest 2008

the visitors...maybe we should try that guy with camera...he might have good captures to be uploaded

Charles Landry, he looked so excited in his speech... and kept taking pictures!

Good Architects copy, Great architects Steals (Glenn Hartanto's final slide)

it's necessary to choose thou...

Dicky (INVICTUS) claims himself as 58% dreamer to conquer the world with this T-Shirt Brand...why not?

NITIKI Batik Game. To be an interactive game in Public Space
(note: Chandra--the inventor--allows those who would like to hack the game software)
Ngariung euy! ..couple minutes before it's started.
eventually the place begin to packed during the presentation.

the screen was 5 x 6 meters, hanged between two trees...

Reza telling story of how he was created into a music collector geek.

Meizan & Yudi presenting new graphic for Bandung Angkot


It was a Great Night! THANK YOU!!

it's beyond our expectation.
more than 250 people filled our tiny venue with enthusiasm...
curiously waiting for 16 presenters'great stories...

we are so thankful to the cute ANGKOT as our shuttle from main street to our event venue...

we also thank Oktagon and Andrew Linggar...for providing powerful G5 Mac Pro that ensure all presenters' material (even the heaviest one) could roll smoothly;

Corus-Kalzip for supporting us since the very beginning;

I-Arch and BCI-Asia;

our wonderful media partners,
FEMALE Radio (Sita, you really share our passion..thanks...!);
Paramuda (Arya and Sapta..it was fun talking with you guys on-air);
Jakarta POST

and for sure...we would like to thank the surprising visit from our Trade Minister, Ibu Marie Elka Pangestu and the man all-about-creative-city; Charles Landry....(it's Landry..not laundry)...

for (dot).bdg and Surili team...really wish could get that surili doll :p...thanks for give out 2 free Surili dolls as door prize...they are real cute!

Ric Slim and ZEO of Nuff Sum for making great theme song for Pecha Kucha Night.bdg
(I'm looking a way to put it online so you can hear it)

last but not least....
for the great team:
Novie, Tia, Nella, Putra, Reza, Sapta, Rara, Andi, Deddy, Nelly, Ninit, Yuli
all the bapak-bapak who help organizing parking and security...


until now it will be on 10.10.2008
we'll keep you posted!


where to get your ticket

This is a non-profit event, thus we try to keep our ticket price low just to keep it run.
You can get your ticket at ticket boxes below:
KICKFEST'08 (LABO booth, 1st Aug - 3rd Aug 2008)
URBANE INDONESIA (Sumur Bandung 20, Ph. 022-2500453, contact: Sapta/Yuli)
or you can just show up and buy your ticket on location.

Ticket: Rp. 20.000,00

Confirmed List of Presenter

finally we have 15 presenters who will definitely awe you!!
Here they are (not based on list of appearance):

Yu Sing
This guy has been really into recycle material and wasted building materials. Without waiting too long, he started his experiment with his own house and his mother's. Which is turn-out...unique.
Find out more about him and his stories in 2o slides.

Oky Kusprianto (Habitat for Humanity)
Another young architect that walks his talks. Together with a friend he started a non-profit design organization called Studio Habitat, to support an NGO "Habitat for Humanity" to provide good design for cheap houses. They've successfully facilitate families to build and 'design' their first livable house.

Glenn Hartanto (architecture lecturer)
What is so good for being a lecturer? There's lots of story to tell particularly if you are facing both academic world and practical projects. Glenn with long background growing up in state may tell you his side of story about challenges his facing nowadays in this part of creative world.

Bandung Public Furniture
How many good public furniture you can find in Bandung nowadays? These people are trying to give identity to Bandung's neglected public spaces, by means of product designs. This is part of claiming Bandung's identity as emerging creative city

Gilang Anom
There might be plenty of toys produced by big corporates. But this one is different. Gilang Anom is an 11 years old boy who develop his toy design skill with full support by Jendela Ide, a place for creative children. Curious? Listen to him telling his own story!

Yudi & Meizan (Bandung new Angkot)
Mostly everybody has love-hate relationship with Bandung Angkot (city shuttle van). But like it or not, these Angkot connects 99% of places in Bandung. This team is looking for creative way to make Angkot more 'lovable' and contribute to give better face to Bandung. They have designed and built prototype to make this dreams touchable.

Alexandra Crosby
She was born in Sydney, spends as much time as possible in Indonesia, and currently lives in Linz, Austria. While her training is in Visual Communications, she has developed a 'career' (using the term very loosely) in designing events and redesigning spaces to create meaningful cultural exchanges, particularly between Indonesia and Australia. She is active in many art collectives and artist-run spaces, usually fulfilling a multitude of roles for which no one else has volunteered. She recently curated the exhibition Sisa: reuse, collaboration and cultural activism from Indonesia, was co-director of the Gang Festival in 2005 and 2008, and is currently completing a PhD researching the visual culture of environmental activists in Java.

Chandra of Batik Game NITIKI
This is his final thesis project, and he is going to show you how Traditional Pattern (Batik) can be fun with touch of digital technology. He'll bring his 'game touch screen' to show us how this game works.
Why don't you try it yourself?

Faisal (9Matahari)
Outstanding visual artist company comprises of young talents from Bandung. Together with KICK (in KICKFEST) they contribute in event "Re-Imagining the City" transformation of Bandung with multimedia that stimulates human five senses.

Agung Sentausa (Indie Movie Director)
He was graduated as architect, but his life leads him as movie director.
Starting his career as assistant director, he moved on to make music videos for Indonesian popular music. "Garasi" is his feature directorial debut and now he is working on his next movie.

Modjembe Stomps the Ground (Percussion)
Jendela Ide Percussion in Concert 2008, a collaboration with 9 Matahari

RIC SLIM and ZEO of NUFF SUM (Bandung Hip-Hop Talent)
Brothers who have unique and original sense of music. RIC SLIM the music mastermind and ZEO the alter MC on the duo. NUFF SUM has several hip-hop tracks aired at several radios in Bandung, meanwhile they are actively producing hundreds of unreleased tracks. With this solid background they are known as promising representation of Bandung Hip Hip Scene.

T.I. Reza (Architect cum Musicoholic)
Everheard anybody with 1250 CDs and Vinyls collection?This time Reza, an architect who has passion in musics (and history of musics) will share or even infect you with his 'music ideology', thru his collections since in junior-high.

Clothing company in Bandung has started since almost 10 years ago. Dicky is one of the early clothing company in Bandung called INVICTUS. Now, he has several shops outside Indonesia.

Pavel Sedlák (Art Curator)
This guy is new media art curator, who is now in Singapore as one of the resource persons for the art camp, Ludic Times: The Art of Gaming.

Ryan Koesuma (.bdg)
He will tell us about the new branding for Bandung. Good thing!

Location Map

Labo the M O R I
Bukit Dago II No. 22

to make sure you can find the location:

Poster of Pecha Kucha Night Bandung #1


we are now PechaKucha family

we've signed and faxed our 'shake-hand agreement' with KDa as PechaKucha Night organizer in Bandung.
currently building up list of presenters for our first volume;
to give you brief image of who will be our presenter, here are some sneak preview:
Product designer and architect cum senior member of Bikers Brotherhood in Bandung;
Architects as lecturer; architect who runs a magazine; socialists architects;
Bandung Public Furniture community;
Batik Fraktal;
Bandung Rapper;
Indi Movie Maker;
Graphic designers;

and many more...

it's gonna be a fun night...
rolling presentation of 20slides x 20 seconds...
A 400 seconds of fame!!


Pecha Kucha Night in Bandung!

Pecha Kucha Night was first conceived in 2003 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham Architecture) where upto now, this event is now happening in 129 cities globally.

Bandung has recently join those cities to hold its first Pecha-Kucha Night in August 2008.

Before the 'legal agreement' with KDa, we-Pecha Kucha Night Bandung (PKN.bdg)-would like to keep everyone posted with what's on during our first PKN preparation.

This blog serves as our temporary information board.