Pictures (part 01)

eventually...we have to admit it is not easy to find presentable pictures...
some of pictures taken are focusing on the slides without the presenters in it.
some of them are blurred...

that's fine, at least we still have some to show you...
we'll keep you posted with pictures we can find from participants.
sorry about this lack documentation of us...seems we were too focus on preparation which end up forgot about documentation.

but we have video!! you'll see them in short time.
and...without being embarrassed, we would like to call out for those who eventually take pictures of the event, please be kindly to share it with us.

pls contact us:


ibu Marie Pangestu (Indonesia Minister of Trading) in her kebaya...after a long day official tour in Bandung for Helarfest 2008

the visitors...maybe we should try that guy with camera...he might have good captures to be uploaded

Charles Landry, he looked so excited in his speech... and kept taking pictures!

Good Architects copy, Great architects Steals (Glenn Hartanto's final slide)

it's necessary to choose thou...

Dicky (INVICTUS) claims himself as 58% dreamer to conquer the world with this T-Shirt Brand...why not?

NITIKI Batik Game. To be an interactive game in Public Space
(note: Chandra--the inventor--allows those who would like to hack the game software)
Ngariung euy! ..couple minutes before it's started.
eventually the place begin to packed during the presentation.

the screen was 5 x 6 meters, hanged between two trees...

Reza telling story of how he was created into a music collector geek.

Meizan & Yudi presenting new graphic for Bandung Angkot

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ghe said...

maybe the next pecha kucha night would be better if held somewhere brighter. you can hardly take pictures on such dark place. please do hold the next one somewhere brighter or at least put more lighting there at the LABO. I'm going and I'll want to take pictures! :D