How to get there

Labo the M O R I
Bukit Dago II No. 22

to make sure you can find the location:

Ticket Box

get your ticket for only Rp. 20.000,- at:
1. LABO.
2. UrbanE
3. Bang Edi ; Gedung Arsitektur Lt. 1 ITB
4. Common Room

or just be at the venue before presentations start rolling....

make sure you won't miss it!!!

Pecha Kucha Night #2 D-3

Hello there!!!!
haven't heard from us lately?
well as have been announced in many mailing-lists,
we are waiting for you to experience the second Pecha Kucha Night in Bandung.

Here is list of presenter:
1. Deddy Wahjudi (Architect, "Social Space")
2. Ihsan Harja (Architect/Photographer, "Story of Bandung in Watercolor")
3. Ben Wirawan (Mahanagari)
4. Sena (Panzer Designer)
5. Hafiz Aziz Ahmad (Graphic Designer/Lecturer)
6. Gatot (Architect, "A journey of an Architect from 88-08")
7. Bismo Djelantik (BAM, Bike Community/Designer/Lecturer)
8. Zaini Alif (Hong-Komunitas Kaulinan, mainan tradisional )
9. Sybrand Zijlstra (Design Editor)
10. Manuel Heischelo (Architect, designer, artist)
11. Tiarma Sirait (Fashion Designer, Artist)
12. Marina
13. Widiyani (to be confirmed, Architect, Lecturer, Flower artist)
14. Artiandi Akbar (Student, UFP holder)

share experiences, build networks.

be there!!


We are Back!!!

as previously announced....
PKN.bdg will be back in this coming October.
Yet, there is changing of schedule.
We are going to have it on 31st October instead of 10th October...
so mark you calendar...

list of presenter will be posted soon!

see ya!